Statistics and Reporting

Make data-driven Decisions and real-time Reports

Creating reports inside of spreadsheets based on different data sources can be very challenging. Rollouter provides in-depth reports and diagrams based on real-time data.

Rollouter's statistics are closer to reality than any spreadsheet can be. Fed by real-time data, they provide valuable insights in the current state of your Rollout.
Grouped data sets
With client groups, you can group your inventory to organize and analyze related data sets even better.
Happy Customers
Precise and reliable reporting results in happy customers.
Make data-driven Decisions and real-time Reports

Even more features to come

Our upcoming features enable you to customize individual dashboards, monitor team performance and completion estimates, and delve into detailed activity analytics to understand and optimize your Rollout team's workflow.

Individual Dashboards

Choose from a set of widgets and data sets to build custom dashboards that fit your needs.

Performance Dashboards

Gain insights in the performance of your Rollout team and completion estimates based on the current speed of your Rollout.

Activity Dashboards

Understand how your Rollout team works and gain access to workload analytics as well as activities per user.