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Frequently asked questions

What is Rollouter?
Rollouter is a web-based Change Management Software designed for IT Rollouts. It streamlines the process of replacing and upgrading IT equipment, ensuring efficiency and organization.
How does Rollouter work?
Rollouter allows administrators to create rollout projects, assign managers and technicians, and oversee the entire process. It simplifies task management, client information handling, and progress tracking.
What are the key roles in Rollouter?
Rollouter involves key roles such as Administrators (creating projects, billing), Rollout Managers (planning and overseeing projects), and Technicians (executing rollouts). Other roles like Service Desk, Client User, and more may also play specific roles.
How does Rollouter handle client details?
Rollouter's inventory feature helps Technicians collect and manage client information. The client detail view includes a history feature documenting all changes, details, comments, tasks, checklists, and status changes.
Is there a history feature in Rollouter?
Yes, Rollouter has a comprehensive history feature as part of the client detail view. It documents all changes, comments, tasks, checklists, client links, and status changes, providing a complete audit trail.
Can I customize tasks in Rollouter?
Yes, Rollout Managers can create, edit, and delete tasks for their rollout projects. They can also assign tasks to specific technicians and monitor the overall progress.
What benefits does Rollouter offer to businesses?
Rollouter helps businesses stand out by offering efficient hardware rollouts, enhancing customer satisfaction, providing access to project opportunities, and delivering a competitive edge through modern and innovative practices.
How much does Rollouter cost?
Rollouter operates on a per-client pricing model. The cost depends on the size of the project. Specific pricing details can be obtained based on the selected project (Professional Project or Enterprise Project).
What support does Rollouter offer?
Rollouter provides technical support, assisting customers with questions, installation, and application issues. Troubleshooting for issues attributable to the Provider is free, and additional support arrangements can be made on request.
Can I test Rollouter before committing?
Yes, Rollouter offers a Freeplan that allows users to test the software for an unlimited period, providing a limited number of clients for trial purposes.

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