Rollouts digitalized.

Rollouter is your place to manage large, complex Migration Projects together with your entire team.

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Why Teams love Rollouter

An easy to use tool that helps syncronize Rollout teams and datasets.

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Single Source of Truth.
Rollouter ensures that the same set of data is used across all users. Managing Rollouts in the cloud eliminates discrepancies between different Excel sheets, digitalizes collaboration, and minimizes errors.
Real-Time Collaboration.
Rollouter enables teams to collaborate across multiple locations, providing visibility into the progress, activities and tasks related to each Rollout.
Detailed Insights.
Rollouter provides detailed dashboards and analytics on each Rollout, allowing better decision-making and clear reporting to stakeholders.

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Connect to third-party tools that you're already using.

Microsoft Azure

Connect to Azure Active Directory to import users, devices and snapshots.


Create Jira issues automatically.

Inventory apps

Connect to apps which you are using to manage your inventory.

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