Rollout Overview

Know what to work on - when

Rollout planning and execution is crucial for the project's success and deeply connected with each other. Rollouter has focused especially on this feature to make this connection tangible for managers and technicians.

Connect people
Rollouter establishes a connection between planning and execution. During the entire project, every participant knows exactly what is expected from them.
Smart Dashboard
The Client Dashboard shows technicians their tasks for today in accordance of the roadmap. By assigning technicians to clients, you can make sure nothing gets lost.
Two planning methods
Rollouter enables you to plan your project as you need it. You can either create a schedule for the whole inventory, or individually for client groups inside of them.
Know what to work on - when

How Rollouter creates clarity

Discover what makes our Rollout Overview so unique.

Rollouter's integrated calendar enables you and your team to share the same space for accessing schedules and appointments. You can switch between day, week and month-view.


Rollout Planning

based on...

This is the most recommended and precise planning method. By scheduling checklists, all clients are treated the same when it comes to the workflow status progression.

App screenshot

Effortless Appointments

Define a timespan - let users pick the date themselves.

In Rollouter, you can define appointment blueprints for each inventory and specific client groups, enabling affected client users to schedule an appointment in a given timeframe.

Appointments timeline
Let the users decide.
Let them choose a date that's best for them in accordance of your project schedule.
Keep everything in sync.
Scheduled appointments will automatically be connected to your Technician's calendars and the corresponding clients.
Limit Parallel Appointments.
Depending on how many Technicians of your Rollout team will be available at the same time.